Must Try Indonesian Food

Do you love Asian food? If you do, then you must have tried Chinese, Thai and other Asian cuisines – Indonesian food must be one of them! Indonesia is not just rich in culture, it’s not only famous for Bali, but the goodness of their local and simple food can satisfy that hearty cravings. Here are some of the Indonesian Food you must try.

Beef Rendang

All the way from Padang, Sumatra, this dish is certainly known for its rich and spicy kick. Beef Rendang has similarities with beef curry. The only difference is that beef rending is not cooked in broth. One thing you can appreciate about this dish is that, yes, it takes forever to cook, but the tenderness of the beef is mouth-watering.

Indonesian Satay

Indonesian Satay is one unique staple. Started out as food sold by street vendors, Indonesian satay has become a very popular food all over Indonesia. A skewer is inserted in chunks of marinated meat, then, it is cooked over hot coals. This juicy dish is usually served with sweet peanut sauce poured on top of it together with rice cakes. This dish is highly addictive and there’s no doubt about that.


Simay is originally a Chinese food. But through time, the dishes from china have circulated all over Asia. Each country has made their very own versions and Indonesia is no exception. There is something about this country and the use of peanuts. Siomay is Indonesia’s dim sum version. It is steamed fish dumplings. It comes with egg, potato, cabbages and served with – you’ve guessed it – peanut sauce! If you really want to experience its authentic taste, the best place to buy siomay is from a bicycle vendor who tows a small cart with a steamer at the back of his bike. This is street food at its finest.

Nasi Rawon

Nasi Rawon is Indonesia’s version of beef stew. Originated from East Java, this dish has a very bold and nutty flavor. It’s color ranges from deep brown to black due to the keluak nut used in the dish. This yummy and hearty dish is best served on top of hot and steamy rice.

Sop Buntun or Oxtail Soup

The name of the dish says it all. Oxtail is the protein of this soup. It is believed that London invented this dish during the 17th century but Indonesians have a different version of it. Just like the other popular dishes in Indonesia, it is also a hearty soup. The protein is usually either broiled, barbecued or fried, then, a soup base is incorporated.

Sweet Martabak

Sweet Martabak is a popular dessert in Indonesia. It is actually their own version of pancake and crepe fused into one. Oddly enough, this is usually served only at the evenings. You can also choose different kinds of toppings, fillings and of course, peanuts.


This may sound odd but this dish is actually made of fish and tapioca. It is a specialty found in South Sumatra. Kapal selam is the most popular variety of pempek as it contains egg at the middle. Before pempek is served, it is first topped off with pulverized shrimp or shrimp powder with a dark dipping sauce called cuka – a mixture of chili, sugar and vinegar.

Nasi Uduk

Indonesia’s national dish is Nasi Uduk. This meal’s signature is that rice is cooked slowly in coconut milk. This is very similar to the Nasi Lemak in the neighboring countries of Indonesia, the difference is that nasi uduk is also served with tempe or soybean cake, shredded omelette, anchovies, fried chicken, fried onion topped with emping and sambal or also known as nut crackers. This dish usually served on lunchtime cannot do away with sambal.